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About Us:

We are a foundation that imports and distributes medical disposables, personal safety and product safety. Our foundation started investing and working in this field because those who manage it have extensive and long experience in the same field.


To become one of the leading companies in Jordan and the Middle East specialized in providing medical disposables.


  We strive to provide excellent services and high quality products that care about the smallest details and the best prices to satisfy our valued customers.


1- Providing high quality products that are in line with the international health standards.
2- Commitment to maintaining high quality products at the best prices.
3- Providing specialized consultations in the field of medical disposables and personal safety.
4- The constant endeavor to provide the factories, hospitals, restaurants, and companies with all that is new in the field of medical disposables and areas of personal protection and product safety from pollution.
5- Providing products in many sizes, as well as providing several colors for some products.

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